New Project Design and Planning

One of the ways we work with our clients is in providing them effective design choices for their new projects. We put a lot of emphasis on effective design because we understand the important role it plays in a project’s success. Time and time again
we have witnessed how ineffective designs can turn away prospective customers. A bad design can even lead to dissatisfaction among existing customers. An effective design is not all about appearance. We give equal focus on the project’s functionality,
usability, and content.

Global Operations Management

Process Automation Alium’s Process Automation services focus on speedy delivery of a business’ IT services while eliminating manual errors. Through this service we help our clients improve their productivity and revenues, minimizing costs
while adhering to quality standards.
Custom Software Engineering All businesses have certain requirements that cannot be satisfied by standard or generally-available solutions. This becomes an important concern if the requirement plays a critical
role in the success of a business. This is where custom services can make a difference. Alium has a pool of experts who can develop software or database solutions that fit into the operational needs of a company. Presently, a number of our clients rely
on software that was tailor-fit for their business operations.
Integration An integrated system allows a business to combine planning and operational activities. We offer solutions that facilitate integration of these key functions to ensure
that projects and activities are carried out and completed in a consistent and timely manner.


New media has taken customer experience to a new level. As the customer becomes more and more engaged with the business the more influence he can exert on its future. This is where analytics plays a crucial role. Along this line Alium has developed a
strategy that allows a firm greater insight about their target market. Our clients can better manage customer impact on the firm’s products or services. For instance, you get a clearer idea of who among your customers provide you with the most profits
and you know in advance those who are likely to leave you in the future.

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Big Data

Handling enormous amount of data is a commonality among new media businesses. While this may be a burden to some, we look at it as an opportunity to for our clients to develop in-depth insights on their businesses. We help them understand how to sort,
analyze and interpret big data. We guide them in the identification of issues and challenges and the development of strategies on how to optimize the loads of information at their disposal. For example, we can use customers’ name, age, income, contact
details and their purchase records to establish a clear profile on their online behavior.

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Social Media Strategy

The popularity of social networking sites is increasing at such a tremendous pace that their impact on modern enterprises can no longer be denied. Social media, however, can be a double-edged sword. Businesses now have to define how they will harness
this opportunity and how they will control its possible negative consequences. Our company helps businesses identify their social media strategy.Depending on the business, this strategy may lead to:

  • Better lead generation
  • Increase in quality traffic
  • Higher return on investment
  • Accurate picture of customers’ preferences and
  • Direct access to customer and market feedback

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